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I had another drawing here:


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Just call me Maeri
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
A simple girl with a wide imagination and creative hands in arts, crafts and jobs; simple in style and dislikes luxurious stuff; a bit boyish and loves playing games; smart and work lover; and God-fearing... I can't simply explain all things about me, but this could be the summary of all of it. I hope I could be your next friend...

Current Residence: Laur, Nueva Ecija
Favourite genre of music: Calming, relaxing, meaningful.
MP3 player of choice: I used my Galaxy Android (still need songs...)
Personal Quote: Keep walking even the path hinders you...

Currently writing stories, doing colllab and some drawings related to Gaia Online.

My Titles in the DS and MTS:

Dragon Savers: The Quirky Artist Knight
MTS: The Brush Bearer Eagle
Pokesig (as Roxis said): Keldeo-resolute by CreepyJellyfish
Gaia: Starburst Colors- EoM
This is my Love+Gaia Online by KyuubiNight Persona.

ಠ3ಠ ಠnಠ ಠ.ಠ ಠ-ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠoಠ ಠwಠ ಠuಠ


Three Walking Starbursts
It's all the Gaia Online Avis of me, Starburst Colors- EoM walking together. Kinda unsynchronized the walking to make it a bit realistic. These are my avi's appearances in Me in 4 Dimensions...
From left: A Star Reborn, Artical Tundra, Role of the Seasons

Sprite base: Pokemon Gen V
Animated by :iconvergilsaigakuzai:
Wish Ring in a Pocket
Here's another animation collab of me and :iconvergilsaigakuzai:, and as I promised to her, it's her cue healing zOMG! ring which is the Wish. It's just like Diagnose, but it can't heal yourself.
That's me on the right, kneeling while healing back my stamina and health XD

Original Wish Animation: zOMG! Gaia Online
Sprites base: Pokemon Gen 5
Things Can be Fixed Again

“CONGRATULATIONS STARBURST COLORS-EOM!!” “WELCOME TO THE VICTORY LINE!!” As expected, there are several unknown people and familiar faces could be seen around the bar. “We heard you beaten up that megalomaniac when he rises again to execute his plans. But why are you alone? I thought you have your friends with you.” Leon said to the girl.
Starburst was stunned, but she just laughed about it. “Umm, actually, they were all busy. And I was planning to lead my crew soon, so I have to study about the instance… and learned a lot from that veteran crew I joined…” she said while flipping the notebook.
“I see,” Agatha said. “Your decision is right, and at the same time, wrong. You actually made your first victory a fruitful one by learning from it, but then you leave your friends behind… and could probably break your promise…”
“Please…” Starburst bowed in regret, halting the lady. “That promise is already broken 11 years ago… Even though we finally found Granadia… he will never show up again……” She turned away to the door, but before she could take a step, Agatha halted her.
“Don’t leave yet. We have a set of highly charged rings here for your prize. I know that feeling. But still, even broken, a promise is still a promise. Who knows, if it was rebuilt again. If it’s not Granadia, then you can bring it back. Don’t give up young lady…” she smiled at her.
The girl couldn’t hold on and started to sob a bit. “Thank you Agatha…” She looked at the rings. “Well, since I had completed them all…” She just took the Diagnose ring, and looked around. “Thank you…” She bowed to them before she left…

But then, as she moved out, the gloom from her heart become clearer through her face, and she walks slower than before. “A promise is a promise… even broken……” She looked ahead, seeing Alice and Alastair. “It’s Starburst!! HEY STARBURST!!”
But then she avoided them and run away to her home, past the Village Greens, towards the subdivisions… until she reached their place which was now near empty.
“……” Starburst looked at the empty lots where the twins are supposed to live. She just went back to her house and locked the door. She jumped on bed and began crying under the blanket. She was ashamed that she ‘pulverized’ the broken promise…

At Gambino Outer Isle, the twins are now arranging their stuff.
“I don’t understand… Why did she ran off?” Alastair mumbled while arranging his furniture. “We just heard that she managed to complete the Victory Badge quest, but why is she very sad about it?”
“She’s not waiting for us…” Alice grunted while pushing the tables to their place. “And she somehow regrets the decision of finishing that instance without us…”
“But how come? And speaking of which… that promise is already broken because Granadia was gone 11 years ago… and also his newer self which is Tundra is now a regular newbie…” Al mumbled.
Travis heard this and talked, “Star-dono and Granadia aren’t to be blamed about that… It was Drazero after all. He destroyed the promise because he possessed Tundra…”
“And that sneaky bastard didn’t fight against Drazero. That makes him involved of whom to be blamed. But then Starburst… what makes her do SMEB without us?” Alice added, sipping milkshake.
Travis thought of a while, before he answered. “I don’t know why. Even Granadia wouldn’t talk about it… But one thing I know is… he’s ashamed of himself after being under possession. It’s a crime for a deity like him to destroy…” He hopped onto the table. “Possibly… Starburst saw him after a loooong time, but then he ran off in shame…”
“That could hurt…” Annabelle spoke. “After a long time she didn’t see Granadia, that thing happens. It’s unexpected… and it’s very painful…” She appears to wrap something on a box, which made the twins and Travis look at her and tilt heads.
“What’s with that black, sinister-looking scarf Anna? And where you bought that thing?” Alice questioned. “It reminds me of the money you borrowed from Starburst. Well did you just…” Alastair shuddered, pointing at the object.
Anna chuckled while wrapping the object. “Well, I heard about the Victory Badge thing…”
“Are you sure enough? What if she got the recipe to make that item?” Alice scratched her hair.
“Well she would appreciate the item if it’s from her friends, right?” Anna said, before completing the wrap with a blue bow. “Let’s continue tidying this mess anyway. Tomorrow, we’ll fix the dessert shop for that day.”
The twins and Travis looked at each other and just nodded without a word. They continued their cleaning up till night, where everyone hits the hay.

Travis was sleeping on a lined basket, though he wasn’t asleep after all. “Hmm, I wonder how Star-domo is doing?” he mumbled, before hopping out of the basket, bouncing his way to the door. “I would like to visit her but with the preparations…”

“Travis… Hey Travis…”
“Wuh, who…?” The fluff turned around, seeing no one around the beach sands. “It’s me… I’m talking through you via Telephaty…”
“Oh, sorry, Granadia… And it’s been ages since you never talked to me…” Travis sneered in his head. “What really happened and why does Starburst finish SMEB without her supposed crew… which includes you?”
“Before that… can I ask a favor?” Granadia said modestly. “Can you bring me the present Anna wrapped?”
“W-what?! Why so?” Travis stuttered. “Just do it for me… I’m going to do something with it…”
“Oh, kay then…” the fluff scoffed, before hopping towards Anna’s house. He spit a crystal before he entered it, and came out near the present box and grabbed it real quick.
Travis then spit another crystal and entered the Null Chamber, which leads to Granadia’s place, the Distortion World.

“Been ages too since I never came here…” Travis looked around the area, and spotted a lone man sitting on a flower patch. “And there you are!”
“Oh, Travis… The present?” Gran looked at the wrapped box which he took by his claws. “Well what are you planning with it?”
The deity walked to a nearby forging area in the Distortion World, before he carefully opened the gift. He took the contents and set the box aside. “I’ll try to enhance this scarf… by the way, what snack you wanted?”
“No thanks. I’m not hungry,” Travis said. “Well, back to the main topic…”
“Actually……” Gran replied. “Well, I was so ashamed to show my face to her… For 11 years she had waited, but then those 11 years of wait is now in vain. It’s…” He started sobbing. “It’s my fault. I broke my promise. I should have held my guard up before I got possessed… From there I could have done the promise… But it’s too late…”
“I understand though…” Travis muttered. “I still remember the times when I was a mere Gingerbread Fluff… That’s the time you give me to her to become her companion fluff. Then that time I was startled that you’re gone… Yeah, the promise is now broken, but hey! I don’t think that it is…”
“You say?” Granadia said, before pulling off his black sinister scarf, startling Travis. “WHA! YOU RIPPED YOUR…!!”
“This is what I need…” He then started his synthesizing. Travis was startled upon why he ripped his scarf off. “He ripped his third hand, and he was forging the scarf… Is he trying to…?” After a few moments, the man lifted up the scarf, which happens to stand stiff, just like his original hand.
“Wow…” the fluff was surprised with the outcome of the thing. Granadia wrapped the item again. He also included a large bag of gold, and a letter in the box. “You may bring this back. It’ll be my present for her birthday… though I can’t attend it…”
Travis accepted the gift. “Will be sent. And by the way, at least, visit her in her dreams… You became a Ring Heart right?”
“Sure thing… I guess…” The two parted ways and Travis returned back to their world and placed the present back in place.
“Whew, now I gotta go back to sleep again…” the fluff then crept on a nearby basket in Anna’s bedroom.

Meanwhile, in the midst of quietude in Barton, a Null Crystal popped out near Starburst’s house, before a shadow came out of it. The person then sneaked in the house through an open window, leading him to the kitchen. “Hmm…” He looked around the place, which seemed never changed. He looked for the bedroom.
Starburst, after weeping in the dark, fell asleep without dinner. She was sleeping in a rather uncomfortable position, and appears to nearly fall off the bed. “She doesn’t sleep like this right?”
The deity then used his claws to gently lift the girl and place her back on the bed, before taking off her shoes and socks, before he placed the blanket back.
“There… I guess the place was cool enough for you to not sweat…” He sat on the desk chair nearby, before staring at the girl’s face. Still, trails of tears can be seen on her eyes. The pillow was also wet with tears.
“*sigh*… I sure hurt her heart… And maybe she had hurt the others’ feelings of not doing that instance with them…” Gran muttered, before he saw the purple badge on the drawer.
“Anyway, Starburst, congratulations on your victory… I know the last time you failed with Tundra… But at least now, you have learned what to do, as the leader of your crew… It’s fine though, without me by your team’s side, that you guys can finish Shallow Seas ahead, because I was gone… But well, I never thought you waited for a very, very long time just to be complete again…… You waited until that happened……”
Granadia started to sob as he talks to the sleeping lass. “I’m so sorry… I’m very sorry that… that I ran off and ditched you that time we met back at Maikuru’s castle… I was so ashamed of the crimes I committed when I was possessed. I was so weak… I didn’t manage to protect myself from Drazero… But you know… while you were waiting… I was alone… wondering how you’ve been. When the Ring Heart outbreak happened, I tried to find a way to see you guys… But I wasn’t lucky enough… So as years passed by I got tormented by the pain of breaking my promise to you and the gang… I’m sorry, but I hope you understand too, that I suffered just like you…”
He can’t control his emotions further and started to weep on the seat. “Don’t cry… it’s nobody’s fault… A promise is still a promise, right? Even when broken…?” Starburst suddenly sleep-talked, startling Granadia.
“… Yeah… you’re right… Starburst, I have a wish. Please befriend the new me… I may not fulfill the promise as myself for a bit longer… but I wish you treat Kagine Tundra, like you used to treat me as… a true friend. That guy, although he’s shy, can sometimes attack. So I wish you will always protect him from harm, as well as protect other people… Also, if he’s hungry, feed him apples and tea. Someday, I’ll be crewing with you guys again, and as I promised 11 years ago, we will SMEB together…”
Suddenly, Granadia glowed, a sign that he reached the limit of staying outside the Distortion World. “I’ll be seeing you again guys. And Happy Birthday, Starburst…” And he vanished into orange sparkles which disappeared, leaving a maple leaf on the drawer, beside the Victory Badge.
Mi4d 4 : Role of the Seasons 5
Continuing after the SMEB run, Starburst had received her own Victory Badge, but wasn't very happy with her achievement because she left her friends behind. Leaving the Barton Bar, she saw the twins, which made her regret even more and locked herself in her house. The twins were somehow dismayed. That night, Granadia decided to contribute to the birthday present at the cost of his scarf, and visited the sleeping girl at midnight to convey his message.

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A Broken Promise

From the mountains of Maikuru’s castle, Starburst was running away while attempting to cover her face from public. She was crying. She cries because of the happenings last time, which had revealed to her why her long lost friend wasn’t there for 11 years. She was angry and upset… angry because of the Old Tundra’s vulnerability against evil, and upset, because of a shattered promise…

But those who heard the promise somehow didn’t know what was happening at all…
“Tomorrow isn’t it? Starburst’s Gaian Birthday, and her original birthday?” Alice looked at the calendar displayed on the pastel wall. The place where she was at the moment was a dessert shop, where Alastair and Annabelle could be seen working for the customers.
“Well yeah…” Alastair muttered. “We haven’t moved out of Barton Town yet. And Tundra wasn't talking to us yet about moving out of Barton.”
“Hmm, let’s move out anyway. I’ll ask Starburst now…” Alice stood up her seat, but then Annabelle halted her. “Wait!”
“Huh? What’s it, Anna?” the crimson girl questioned. Annabelle thought for a while, then began speaking. “Guys, I think we should not tell Starburst about this. And you two have to move out first before she could. Then the next day, we’ll invite her to move here in Gambino.”
“Well, sounds like you’re planning something…” Alice muttered, before peering in the kitchen. “Oh, I see…” She faced Anna again. “Well said then. Al, let’s pack up while she’s away…”
“Uh, aye!” the latter replied. The twins moved out and head to their homes in Barton and started packing up. Seen from the door, it appears she hasn’t come back yet.
“I wonder if Travis is inside…” Alice mumbled while opening the door. The room was quite dark, but a light from the kitchen is visible, allowing Alice to look into the place without bumping anything.
“Hey Travis! Has your master returned yet?” she asked. A bouncy response echoed from the kitchen, where a Crystal Fluff peered. He appears to eat a light muffin. “Mrph? Oh!” He quickly gobbled up the muffin. “Alice, you’re here. About Star-dono, she hasn’t returned yet. I don’t even felt her presence in the Null Chamber, so she might not be coming…”
“Oh I see… I’m just asking,” Alice moved out, yet Travis followed suit. The fluff noticed a moving truck from Aekea Housing Service. “Huh? Moving already?”
“Oh, about that, yeah…” Alice chuckled a bit, but thought… “Eesh, this fluff…”
“Well should I inform Star-dono about it?” Travis questioned. The girl looked at the fluff. “Travis, do you wanna visit Annabelle in Gambino? She opened up a dessert shop there…”
“Huh, now what’s with the topic change and REALLY?! Anna-san has opened up a DESSERT SHOP?!” Travis yammered with sparkling eyes. “ZOMG! I WANNA COME! I WANNA COME!!”
“I was right he will bite…” Alice sneered in mind. “Well, okay. We shall leave soon.”
“But Star-dono…” the fluff looked back the house. “Are we gonna leave Star-dono behind?”
“We’ll talk about it later… For now you have to come with us…” Alice muttered, picking up the fluff before hopping in the van.

After a few minutes, the loading truck left the neighborhood. While driving through Barton…
“Why you brought Travis with you Alice?” Al questioned. The girl appears quiet about it while patting the sleeping fluff.
“I bet he saw us moving out so that’s why… Well nevermind…” Al laughed and looked back at driving the van. Noticing from a distance, he saw someone, running without looking at her way. “Huh? Is that…”
The person then entered the Null Chamber, which made Travis wake up a sudden. “Star-dono is in the Null…”
“Yeah, I saw her entered the Null Crystal…” Al muttered. “Well, what is she doing in there?”
Travis then meditated, as if he is trying to pick up the aura of his master. For a moment, he heard echoes of a sobbing girl inside the mystic humming of the Null Chamber. Then, a figure stood up from sulking and looked at a crystal. She just walked towards it, then disappeared in the chamber…
“Star-dono appears very upset… And she entered one of the crystals…”
“What crystal?” Alice questioned. “Gold Beach Crystal… She entered Gold Beach!”
“Gold Beach?” the twins uttered, looking at each other. Travis then snapped and meditated. He once again detected Starburst, but now she’s with a crew. She was changing her rings then the crew left afterwards.
“She’s in a crew… I can’t hear their talking but she is in a crew…” Travis talked. “Well what rings are they wearing?” Al questioned. Travis then heaved a sigh. “I’m sorry. I can’t track that… But I detected that each of them almost had the same ring sets… I can’t name them one by one though…”
“Hmm, what kind of crew will that be? If they are having almost the same rings… they can’t be going into Deadman’s Shadow…” Alice thought.
“I think I know a crew which will use the same rings… That might be the Shallow Seas instance…” Al muttered, causing Alice to be shocked. “WHAT?! SHE’S IN A SHALLOW SEAS CREW?! Could that mean…”

“So Star, are you ready for the run?” the crew leader, Blue, said to Starburst, which appear to be a little bit nervous. “Are you sure this is safe to execute? It’s my first time to use Wish only as heal and not my Diagnose…”
“You’ll be fine, Star. Just do as I said. Follow Pixie here and don’t panic. We’re gonna do a real fast run~!” Blue smiled, and the crew moved ahead to the whirlpool.
Somehow, the whirlpool gave Starburst flashes of memories, when she entered it for the first time, with a double full crew… “Memories are coming back… Those are such happy times…” She looked at her crewmates jumping in the pool. “But now… that promise… it can’t come true again…” she whispered in her head, before walking on the pool.
“Are you alright, Star?” Pixie asked the girl, which shook her head and just buffed up for the run. After buffing up, Blue readied her Fleet Feet. “Let’s roll! Stick together okay!!” And she blew off the magic whistle and they all run around, killing every Animated they see on the way. Reaching Lorelei, Starburst remembered the same time she faced the Sea Queen, and almost dueled with her, but now, everything was different. Lorelei collapsed in a flash because of the crew.
“It’s really fast- I can’t catch up well!” Starburst stuttered.
“Just follow us okay. You’ll be fine as long as you know what you’re doing! The ledge is near now! Let’s go!” Blue then lead the crew with another Fleet and they ran into the gate to the Undersea Ledge. Somehow, Starburst seemed to forget her problems and slowly enjoyed the fun with her crew. They also are having fun with her in the instance, and somehow made it smoothly to the Sealab Compound.

“Starburst, just follow Pixie. We will soon separate and three of us will hit the switches,” Blue asked the girl. Starburst then followed Pixie.
“You told me before, you’ve been in here right?” Pixie talked to Starburst. “Yes. Like two times already…” she replied, looking around the lab. “The first time was when the Vortex Inferno terrorized the seas, but we only passed the Shallow Seas there, because we swam upwards the iceberg. And the other… where I failed for the first time…”
“Well, who are you with?” Pixie questioned, hitting a Labtech.
“The first crew was lead by me, and composed of my friends. We all had a great and hard time till we won. The second one, I was with Tundra… and a random crew… I don’t know, but our crew was horribly unorganized… Even Tundra can’t do a thing about it… So we left… in defeat…”
“I see. Well now, you aren’t gonna experience the same failure you mentioned…” Pixie looked at the crew which was doing their job well. “Our crew is always a visitor in this place. We do this daily, so we know how things run through here.”
“Yeah…” Starburst said. “Somehow, I wish I could lead a crew like this. I wish I can bring all of my friends to this place, and together we will defeat Labtech X and earn the badge, without leaving anyone behind. But that promise… it’s going to be impossible now without one member…” she muttered with a soft end, before sitting down. Pixie then detected an attack, before deflecting it.

“Star, don’t let your guard down! Don’t worry. If you wish to have your friends in a smooth run, then please don’t leave. You might be here because you didn’t know what you are doing, but take this time as a time to learn things about going to Shallow Seas to Sealab Compound. Therefore, you can teach your friends how to do it well. It’s not yet the end of the world. Even if we had the badge, victory over this instance is worth it, especially when you lead a successful crew,” Pixie said, before pulling Starburst up.
Suddenly, Blue shouted from one of the switch areas. “CLICK!!”
“Alright, Starburst, here is it- try to write down any action here for your dream SSEB crew!” Pixie said. Then, Blue switched on the last switch and one crew member entered the lab. “We’ll wait until she said ‘tail’. That’s the signal! Rebuff anything inside okay!!”
“TAIL!! THE TAIL IS HERE!! COME IN!!” “Let’s get inside now!” Blue yelled, and they all went in.
“This is it… My first victory ever!” Starburst said, and she entered the building for a fight.

“YOU’RE GOING TO DIE SOON!!” A voice echoed from above, taunting the crew to their adrenaline rush. “We’ll see then Labtech X. Been ages since that fail happened but I’m not gonna fall on the same mistake again…” Starburst sneered, preparing for a fight. The war began and the two sides clashed. Battalions of Grunny Subs appear everywhere, while the tail bashes the flocking team. The other side showed their fury through the rings, and took down the tail, then sooner the body.
“This part was the hard one. We failed here.” Starburst stammered while hitting the body.
“DEATH FROM ABOVE!!” “DEATH MY ***!!” she replied to the voice.
“Well just do what you always do. And buff your meat quick!!” Blue yelled, blowing another fleet.
“AYE!!” The fight goes on somehow…

Starburst looked at the crew and somehow imagined that she’s fighting with her friends… “It’s like the past when we all fight this way against Lord Vex… That’s the time I dreamed of that crew which will finish this instance… *sigh* I wish you guys were all here… I wanted all of us to defeat Labtech X and win… Because you’re my friends, and friends should always work together… But now… I think we should move part on our ways, but together we will go on…”

“Star, hope you enjoyed the run!” Blue shouted as the vehicle of the megalomaniac explodes and vanished in the waters. It’s over, for now. Starburst has obtained her very first win against one of Gaia’s big baddies.
“I sure do! Thanks a lot for the help, I learned a lot of things here!” the girl replied with an enlightened face. It looks like as if she had forgotten her problems completely.
“So we’re going now. Go back to Barton Bar and get your reward. Don’t forget to tell your friends about our crew if they need help.”
“Yeah, be careful out there!” Starburst waved at the leaving crew, and soon she was automatically teleported to Barton Town.
Mi4d 4 : Role of the Seasons 4
This was a branch story actually for Roxis's Mi4d 4 which she posted this recent, but it's about the time when Starburst ran off in disappointment. Meanwhile, the Gaian Sonatina Twins moved out as planned by Annabelle to Gambino, bringing Travis, Star's Crystal Fluff pet, along with them to keep the plans a secret. While on the road, Travis and the twins detected Starburst, which took her first successful SMEB run with a veteran crew.

The crew mentioned on this chapter was based from the crew I joined in SMEB, which I won the Victory Badge.

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Some referrences from zOMG! : Gaia Online stuff

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