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Just a simple girl who likes to try things related to art and creativity...

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Currently writing stories, doing colllab, some drawings related to Gaia Online and Animating.

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Softening Akira's Hurt Heart

After the dinnertime, the people went back to their leisure. Some went to the gardens to let down dinner, some went to the hot springs to be warmed, including Granadia with his clothes on, and others such as Alice, Alastair and Anna went to the bedroom provided by the housekeepers.
“Hmm, with all of us here and no one’s in the house, how can we see Starburst?” Alice muttered, looking at her PDA map. “She didn’t know the location of this area we are now, not until her PDA gets fixed… I think,” Al mumbled, rolling on the bed sheets laid on the floor. “Ah, pretty great to stretch around the floor.”
“Don’t worry guys. She will detect us with it. Just as now, I’m worried about those goons they called as the Plunderers… I wonder if Starburst and the Ring Hearts are alright there,” Anna muttered. “Ginger hasn’t sent us a message yet since this whole time of chasing and saving Ring Hearts…”
“Or their couriers lost their way to us… or even worse…” Alice grumbled, lying down the bed sheet and covering up. “The temperature at this time seemed lower than normal. Don’t you think?” “We noticed,” the two replied in unison, wrapping themselves up as well. “I wonder… what causes the sudden temperature drop… As Winona said, it’s caused by Eirawen…” Anna muttered.
“If Eirawen caused it, then his powers must have something to do with cold and ice…” Al dictated, making Annabelle gasp. “That could be… Star’s Freezing Strike then! But where could it be, since Eirawen isn’t yet out of the Dream World?” she thought in mind, until Al interrupted her. “Something wrong with what I said, Anna?”
“Umm, no, nothing wrong…” Anna muttered. “Hmm… with all these things happening… I think we need to contact Starburst as soon as possible, before the Plunderers could come to their hiding place…”

Back in the forest… someone appears to write down on a small book.
“…From the heart of the caster, lies the will of rejecting her dark fate and protect her new destiny, and as well as her friends. Therefore, the rings granted by such life force, has gained the ability to think, to have their will… just like the will of that girl…”
The hood fell down as the writer sat up straight, and then sighed. She picked up the quill again, continuing the book. “And hence, this willpower, given us the name… Ring Hearts…”
But then, not far from the writer's spot, shouts from some mob of people broke the silence and the girl's bookwriting. “HURRY AND GET HIM!!” “GET HIM!!” They appear to follow someone running at the same direction. “Get that Gaian- he’s not common here!”
The writer in the hollow tree suddenly stopped writing as she heard the commotion approaching her spot. She closed her book, before hiding it in her cloak. “It’s those Plunderers… They’re here.” She took a peek outside, seeing shadows of men in black, chasing someone else.
“That guy there…” She stealthily followed the chased man, running through the bushes and tall grass. However, by accident, she stepped on a branch which created a loud cracking noise, alerting the men in black. “WHO’S THERE?!”
“Darn it!” The girl crouched under the tall grass. The men in black somehow put out a device that starts to beep, before they shuffle around the grass. “There’s a ring nearby… but it could be the same as the guy we are after.” “WHY ARE YOU WASTING TIME WITH THAT?! WE LOST THE GUY!!” one men shouted, causing them to assemble up and look around. Glaring red eyes are looking at them like predators.
“Darn it! Retreat!!” the men ran off, and the place turned quiet again…
“That was close…” the girl got up again and wears her cloak hood back. “Ever since that explosion happened, we got out of the Dream World, where our dreams took place. We have to conceal ourselves from the Gaians, in the fear of being taken to the laboratories, and be subjected to experiments…” The winds blow upwards to the full moon, making her look up to it. “Other than that… to be used by this world’s biggest threat, other than our original creators……”
She looked back at the path where the boy ran. “Right now, I have to find that guy. I believe he’s a Ring Heart, that’s why those men chased him…” And she disappeared in the darkness…

The Ring Heart girl then marched to a path which she sensed as safe. With confidence, she trekked the road safely, reaching a small abandoned house in the middle of the dark forest. “A mass of lifeforce is present in this area… Not from those of Animated…” She stepped on the front of the door, before knocking on it.
“Who goes there?” someone answered. “I’m a stranger who comes in peace, for I believe we are the same…” the girl spoke through the slit. A moment passed, the door opened up, revealing the inside of the room, filled with commoners, and uncommon faces.
“Hey, we found another Ring Heart!!” “Is she Soulbound?” “I don’t know, but her earring shows she’s an Iron Will!”
“Hush down everybody! We’re making too much noise in the middle of the night! The enemies might detect us here! Good thing Fanta’s barrier hides us from the enemy,” A voice shushed them down, causing the Ring Hearts to look back to the stage platform, where Connie stands.
“Anyway, Iron Will, welcome to our small guild here. I’m Improbability Sphere, or can call me as Connie, the leader of this guild, Prism Team.”
“I’m glad to be a part of your guild Miss Connie. Am I the only Iron Will here?” Iron Will questioned, looking around.
One person with flaring gold hair answered, “Actually, you are the first Iron Will ring heart to come here. Also you’re the only one from the Demon Set to come here--”
“HEYY~~!! I’M A FORMER DEMON SET TOO SO COUNT ME IN!!” The Mexican-dressed Hot Foot girl, Salsa, jumped and glomped Iron Will, causing the girl to stammer.
“Easy, easy, Salsa! You’re scaring our visitor here…” a Rock Armor Ring Heart hummed in a bored and uninterested manner.
“Yeah, don’t get too hyped up—you’re not in the category anymore…” Duncan added.
“No, it’s alright,” Iron Will giggled, taking a seat. “I’m happy that I reached this place safely. I got an encounter with the goons last time, but I luckily escaped them. By the way, where is the guy being chased by them?”
“Oh, no one here is being chased by those nasty scientists. Only you came here at this point,” Teriyaki yapped, swishing his tail around.
Iron Will is somehow shaken due to this and quieted down; worrying about the guy she saw being chased last time.

“As a Ring Heart, I tend to worry about my fellows who were still lurking in the outside world. I may look frightening, but deep inside, I have a heart… I wish I can find an owner who has the same heart…” she thought in mind, looking at the coffee cup on the table.
“Hmpf… I won’t dream about it…” A low young maiden’s voice grunted behind Iron Will, causing her to look back, seeing a Ring Heart wearing a baby pink chef hat and tunic. She has a gilded cutlass with angelic accents. And she appears to be angry. “What was wrong about it?”
“……” The girl, who is Akira herself, didn’t answer, as she was concealing her rage and anguish. The Iron Will transferred to Akira's table and looked into her eyes. “That feeling you have…… You are tormented by a loss……”
“Go away… I may just hurt your feelings if I tell you mine…” she replied. But Iron Will appears to not look away from her. “Sometimes, you have to at least share what you feel. Don’t just hide it… Tell me…”
The chef girl glared at her, but Iron Will never looked away. She was staring intently in the chef’s eyes, trying to read what is in her mind. “… Before all of this happened, back then, I have Hikaru beside me. She is my Slash Sister. I adore her because she is a very skilled Ring Heart.”
“Hikaru? Wait, are you named?” Iron Will uttered. “Well why? You don’t have a given name yet? Poor you… Oh by the way, my name is Akira. I’m a Hack Ring.” “I don’t have a human name yet…” Iron Will muttered.
“Tch, poor you really. You can start calling yourself as Maria then… You look like an Iron Maiden to me you know,” Akira muttered. Iron Will, now dubbed as Maria, chuckled while fixing her cloak which is buttoned with chains. “I am Iron Will anyway. Somehow the worst torments could teach you how to be strong. To be strong, there’s a cost…”

"I know. Don't repeat. Well why you wish to have an owner?" Akira mumbled. "Is it the fear of being risked? Like using friends to protect you?"
"No... None of what you said is my intention," Maria shook head. "I myself don't even know why, but it was my heart who's saying I must serve a master; a master who will care best for his or her rings like they were his or her friends and not weapons at all. I want to show and encourage others that there are Gaians which have pure hearts, and also to the Gaians that we Rings are people too."
Akira just chuckled but stopped and sighed. "Hmph, you really have that kind of outlook. I hope you do find the right owner you wish to serve. Me, I nearly have it... until one day, when that bastard Ring Heart appeared and invaded our homeplace in the Dream World... all because my owner foolishly created him!!" she said, slamming her fist on the floor in anger.
"Owner? Who is your owner?" Maria questioned. Akira didn't answer and just turned away. "I see... You might be an unlucky Ring Heart. But I don't think your owner is that bad... Just try to understand. Your owner will also understand you."
"Yeah, she didn't even try to meet us in the Dream World. I was named by Sarge von Cherryblade, and the other Ring Hearts she owned have no names at the moment... just now they were named by that girl..." Akira grunted. But then, a soft touch on both her shoulders caused her to yelp and look.

"Not meeting us in the Dream World doesn't mean she didn't care about us her rings. You tend to close your heart onto our owner, whilst she was actually worrying about the friction building up between you two," Damos, at her left, talked, looking at her with eyes open. "Akira, please... open your heart to her. She knows everything you experienced that time..." Dylan followed.
Akira snorted and pushed off the two. "It's too late. She knows everything happened to me, but HOW can she BRING BACK my deceased sister?! DO YOU KNOW HOW?! --AAH!!" Damos accidentally slapped the girl, causing her to slump on the table, attracting the others' attention.
"A Divinity Ring like me is not made to hurt others. But I slapped you with intention, to return your mindset back to what you are supposed to do! Hikaru Shinji WANTS you to take care of our owner, NOT TO HATE HER!" Damos stammered, but was pushed by Dylan, which lifted up the girl.
"YOU INSOLENT DIVINITY RING--!!" Akira was about to stab the Divinity, but Dylan blocked her. "Akira, Damos, stop fighting!! And please, don't waste your life with vengeance! I believe Hikaru is not yet dead! She gave you her sword to be brought back to Starburst! Don’t you know that the Ring Hearts slain by Eirawen ARE NOT REALLY BANISHED FOREVER?!” he yelled in a violent roar- far from his usual shy voice.
“GO AWAY THERE DIAGNOSE! HE SLAPPED ME!! I CAN’T FORGIVE HIM FOR THAT, ESPECIALLY FOR A DIVINITY RING LIKE HIM!!” she yelled back, threatening the guy with her blade, but Dylan never moved away.

Akira’s voice was heard even at the second floor. Starburst suddenly rushed down, seeing the commotion going on in the hall. “What was happening here?!” she yelled. Damos and Akira glared at her. “DON’T MEDDLE IF YOU DON’T WANT TO GET HURT YOU NAÏVE BASTARD!!” “STOP INSULTING STARBURST!!” Damos yelled, but Akira remained adamant and was about to pierce Damos with her blade, but then…
Maria stood up all of a sudden and gripped on Akira. “Enough! Akira! Don’t shed blood here! Don’t fill your heart with vengeance- you’re making yourself worse than Eirawen OR DRAZERO!!” “SHUT IT, STEEL-CLAD WRITER!! I’M OUT OF THIS PLACE!! Unless Starburst leaves this place as well…” she said, looking at the girl with fiery eyes dimmed with wrath.
“No!” “Starburst is helping us, don’t you see?!” “Akira, you’re wrong with shunning her away!” The other Ring Hearts replied, trying to calm her down. Akira suddenly froze as she hears the responses of her co-Ring Hearts, and then turn away. “Fine then! I’ll leave this place. DON’T FOLLOW ME, OR YOU’LL DIE!!” she yelled, pointing her cutlass back, before running away from the camp.
“Akira! NO! AKIRA!!” Starburst suddenly ran off the spot to follow her prodigal Ring Heart. Dylan and Damos looked at each other before nodding. “We have to bring them back here at all costs!” Damos said.
“But Damos, why do you have to slap Akira like that?” the medic questioned him. “I have to awaken her mind. Slapping somehow works on waking up persons in their subconscious or unconscious. It’s usually done by masters on their apprentices, when the apprentices are filled with negativity,” Damos said. “I think I’ll slap her again if necessary.”
Befoe they got off, Buster and Ancor grabbed Damos’s hand and gave something. “Here. Take this to your owner. It’s fixed and working now, so it can be used.” “We also made a copy so that we can get signals from our owners, somewhere in Eugene’s owner’s house.”
“Taken. We have to leave now,” Damos bowed in thanks, before the two left.

*BLEEP!!* “Huh?! Guys!!” Anna suddenly woke Alice, Al and Gran up, showing them the PDA. “Signals… from Starburst, and the base!!”
MI4D 3: Ring Hearts Chronicles Chapter 10
The four Gaians patiently wait for response from the Prism Team as they lounge in Prof's mansion. But while that happens, the team has gained a new Ring Heart, which befriended the still adamant Akira Shinji (hence the latter named her Maria). Yet it wasn't enough to soften her heart and has gone worse when she confronted Damos and Dylan, and even threatening her owner, until Akira left without hesitation. Starburst chased her along with Dylan and Damos, and at the same time, Buster had finished the PDA and they managed to send response to Alice and co.

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The rings in the story are based from the rings in the MMO zOMG!
Harmonia’s House

“WANDA!!” The four Gaians stammered. Wanda was with her crew, showing her Authority Badge while staring right at the GiB. “Ah! Agent Wanda!” all the GiB stammered, saluting the girl. “Let them go, otherwise I’ll tell Caruthers and Prof. Harmonia to kick you out!” she yelled at them, causing them all to panic and immediately keep back their equipment.
“But Agent Wanda, it’s clear in the reports that Adamant Flamegirl Alice has taken away the humanoid ring.” “I KNOW RIGHT?! THEY DON’T REALLY MEAN ABOUT THAT AT ALL, THAT’S WHY I WENT HERE TO TELL THEM ABOUT SOMETHING REALLY IMPORTANT!!” she yelled back in anger, causing them all to release the Gaians and the Ring Hearts.
“Important? What’s it all about?” Alastair questioned, rubbing his arms. “And what they said about Prof. Harmonia?” Annabelle followed. Wanda and the other five came in and locking the door, before talking. “About that, we went here to help you in keeping the Ring Hearts safe.” She looked at Alice. “Actually, Alice, you got into a fight against the agents of Prof. Harmonia and take away the Wish Ring Heart they were ‘rescuing’.”
“WHAAAT?!” All four of them jaw-dropped, before the agents standing behind them closed their mouths. “You mean I HINDERED A RESCUE MISSION OF PROF. HARMONIA’S AGENTS?!” Alice said further, pointing at herself. Winona was also shocked to hear this and scratched her head. “So I was rescued, and rescued again…”
“You’re right,” Wanda laughed. “We were also rescuing Ring Hearts like you guys do. Prof. Harmonia is also rescuing them, because he has his own Ring Heart too,” Bliss added. The Gaians looked at the agents. “And the agents here are actually gonna rescue the Wish Ring Heart you took…” Stuart laughed, causing the four to blush in embarrassment. “Sorry agents…”

“No, we MUST say sorry first to you,” the leader agent said, bowing at them. “We didn’t know you’re Agent Wanda’s friends. We apologize for threatening you all.” “We apologize!” the other agents bowed. “Naah, it’s all a misunderstanding. Good thing we came just in time,” Verdan giggled, scratching his head.
“Ah, out of the topic now! We’re here to help you keep the Ring Hearts you rescued in Prof. Harmonia’s house. Currently, we got 13 of them safe and sound in there, including those we rescued from another group which is after them as well,” Wanda said, looking at her laptop. “How many you saved here?”
“We got ten here,” Alice said. She looked at the kitchen door. “Guys, you can come out now! It’s safe- they’re not enemies.” The door opened and the other Ring Hearts slowly came out and ran towards Alice while avoiding the GiB. “Here they are. We have Winona, Falcon, Momou, Seymour, Presto, Hono, Amber, and some other Ring Hearts with unknown names yet…”
“Well that’s not important. We have to transfer you guys to Prof. Harmonia’s place as soon as possible, before the ‘other party’ come here and kidnap you all,” Wanda said, causing the Ring Hearts to panic. “Huh? But how?” “We’re too many here!” “Right now?”
“Hmm, yeah, you’re many to be transferred. But don’t worry, we can transport there in no time!” Wanda said, snapping her hands. “We shall teleport there using this modified Null Crystal here to Prof’s place. It works only once though, but before that…” Wanda signaled the agents, which then grabbed the four Gaians and inspected them.
“HEY, DON’T TOUCH ANNA!! She’s not involved with fighting the ‘other party’ you’re talking about!” Alastair yelled, causing the two agents to release Anna. The girl just laughed, scratching her head. “Sorry, he’s just protective…”
“Hmm, aha!” One pulled off something from Alice’s hair, then followed by the rest, pulling off little bugs attached from their dresses. “We got some tracking devices here. Must be from the Plunderers.”
“Plunderers?” Alice questioned. “You mean those guys we pounced down before?” Granadia followed. All the agents and Planters Six nodded seriously. “They were chasing the Ring Hearts because they’re researching about their powers. I don’t know their intentions, but I believe it’s a bad, bad one…” Macaroon said.

“That’s why we took action to rescue the Ring Hearts. Not to mention- these sly goons sometimes leave tracking devices on the persons who stopped them, so they can ambush them for revenge, and take the Ring Hearts away,” Essence stated, looking at a Mantis Ring Heart, which looked at her as well. “Uhh… Mitsuru?” “Essence-san! I didn’t notice you’re here!” the Mantis named Mitsuru said, bowing to her owner like a ninja.
“Oh, too formal! I’m not your empress! Now stand up there Mitsu-chan.” Essence pulled up the Ring Heart, which face was still looking down. “It’s my duty as a ninja to respect my master.” “It’s alright, but you don’t have to act really formal,” Essence laughed, so do the others.
“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get out of this place and transfer them all to the area immediately!” Wanda then placed the device on the floor, before a Null Crystal popped out. The Ring Hearts looked at it with uneasy feeling, that some of them stayed away from it. “Do you think it’s safe for us to go in there? Null Crystals are our weakness, since it seals our powers’ effect, especially the offensive rings. Buff and healing rings are not affected by the Null, yet in it, we are risked to be killed,” Winona said.
“Killed? Like ‘salvaged’?” Anna muttered. “We cannot be killed by any other person except our owners, if we are soulbound. Unsoulbound or free Ring Hearts can be killed by anything within the Null… So most Ring Hearts are avoiding the Null as soon as possible,” Winona said, followed suit by the nodding rings.
“So if we Gaians treats Null as revival place, then you treat it as a chamber of peril,” Alastair uttered, followed again by the nodding Ring Hearts. “Well don’t fear guys. This Null is actually a quick-transport item so we can easily go to places without passing the Null. Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s teleport before the Plunderers spot us!” Wanda hopped into the Null Crystal, followed suit by Essence and Mitsuru.
“Hold my hand Mitsu-chan.” Essence gripped onto Mitsuru before they hopped into the crystal. The other Ring Hearts are held by the agents and the Gaians, entering the crystal by pairs. Suddenly, one of the agents watching at the window warned them, “They’re here!! Hurry up and bring everyone safe!” he shouted.
Alice and Granadia leered around, and they spotted through the window- silhouettes of people were patrolling around the house of Alice. “I may want to leave, but I can’t leave my house to be destroyed by these guys!” she said, joining the Agents ready for combat. “A’m with ya!” Granadia addedm summoning out his new ring. “Since I don’t have Sarge yet, I’mma use this new baby here.”
“Great!” Alice sneered, buffing up. “Falcon, buff the guys here and go with them! We shall follow suit after we punched out these goons.” “But madame, I cannot leave my owner behind and-” “Just GO!” Alice yelled, shunning him to leave. Falcon then buffed the crew of agents and the two Gaians, before hopping in the crystal with the other Ring Hearts.
“Alastair, Annabelle, you go too! We’ll handle them all!” Granadia said. “Okay!” The two hopped in with the last Ring Hearts, till the remaining people are the two Gaians and the GiB Agents. And the door was suddenly forced open by a bomb, giving the house owner a pressured vein on the head.
“Where are the Ring Hearts?! Surrender them and no one is gonna be hurt!” A person in black suit similar to the GiB warned, pointing a gun to them. “We will answer that…” Alice suddenly charged her rings. “…… until you pay for destroying my house door! BASTARDS!!” she yelled, before the Agents assaulted and attacked the Plunderers…

On the other side…
“WHA!!” Alastair tripped off the crystal onto a wide garden with a nice cottage standing nearby. Although it’s evening, the place was lit by luminous Animated, pretty much the Ghost Lanterns in Zen Garden. “Wow… Prof. Harmonia’s house is like Zen Garden remake…” Anna quoted, looking at the peaceful place which is complete with a hot spring and koi pond. There are also some people with symbolic accessories roaming around freely.
“This is amazing! I like this kind of place!” Mitsuru said, looking around the area as if she’s attached to it. She then sat on a rock to meditate. “Look at all these flowers!” Winona chattered, gazing at the pretty flowers in the area. “And the fishies too!” Momou yapped near the koi pond. The Ring Hearts appear to love the place very much and started to dwell around.
“Well, we should come inside now and eat. Although it’s sad that you left your dinner at home…” Bliss invited the newcomers into the house, where Professor Harmonia is seen, examining a Solar Rays Ring Heart. “Hello, Professor Harmonia!”
“Ah hello there! Good to see you safe, eh… Alastair and Annabelle… Where is Alice, and Gran?” the cheery old man questioned, approaching the Gaians. “Well, they’re still at home, guarding the house from the Plunderers…” Al muttered, worrying. “Don’t worry Al. They’ll be alright. In no time they are already…”
“FINALLY!!” Someone shouted from outside, causing Al and Anna to look and saw Alice, Granadia and the other Agents coming out of the crystal, before it vanished. “…here, safe and sound…” Anna just uttered in surprise. “They even brought the curry dinner…” Al uttered too, seeing the wrapped lunchboxes carried by the Agents. They took the wrapped things into the house. “What are those you got there?” Harmonia asked, sniffing on the boxes.
“Chicken curry, Professor. Adamant Flamegirl Alice doesn’t want to leave it in her house,” the agent said. “Well that’s so great! You can bring them in the dining room and we’ll eat~! I can’t wait to taste your sister’s curry, Al!” the professor jokingly chuckled, before going back to his work. Alice and Granadia approached the two. “So how d’ya like the place?” Gran yammered, patting Al with his scarf.
“We loved it. Well, you been here before?” Al questioned, which was answered by Gran nodding. “Yap. I really like dwelling in his lot, especially on the hot springs! Perfect for chilly nights,” he laughed, causing the gang to laugh as well. “Now I can’t wait to hop in the spring! Just look at the Ring Hearts there…”
“Yeah, we’re also gonna take a bath with the… Kokeshi dolls?” Alice stuttered, seeing the black round heads popping out of the hot spring, chatting with the Ring Hearts and some people. “Well, let’s deal with that later. We gotta feed the rings now!” Harmonia said, before he pulled a string, and a bell chimed.
The new Ring Hearts outside were confused about it, until Verdan said, “It’s dinnertime now. I guess we can continue eating here peacefully.” “Yay! CURRY TIME!!” Presto yelped wile skipping happily, and they went inside.

In the dining hall, they were arranged on about ten short tables and are all sitting on cushions. The dinner course was composed of the curry Alice and Anna cooked at home, plus a batch of Maki and Nigiri Sushi, and iced tea.
“Well, since everyone is here, let us begin this supper!” Harmonia raised his drinking bowl, and so the rest. “LET’S EAT!!” they all shouted before eating. “Haa, finaly got to eat after that ruckus out there…” Alice said as she gobbled up two bowls of rice. “You sure had a fight in there eh…” said her twin. “Yeah. Not to mention, they broke my house door… so I grabbed their money off after beating them. And the authority had jailed them for good…”
“That’s great to hear. At least you won’t be worrying with your house anymore…” Anna said, picking up more sushi. “Hmm, it’s just really the first time I saw his home. It’s undeniably a paradise worth resorting.”
“Same. And he lets the rescued Ring Hearts in like his guests. He sure is an honest person, hence the Ring Hearts trusted him a lot,” Alastair added. “Well not bragging, but Professor Harmonia was one of the very few Gaians who got the symbol of pureness here. He has the Integrity Ring, which, I have heard, was missing this recent,” Granadia followed.
“Integrity Ring? Isn’t that the ring which is given to persons which didn’t abuse in the game?” Alice muttered with the chopsticks sticking in her mouth. “Yes it is. And as said, he’s one of the few guys to have it, because he possesses the trait of being full and pure onto his duty and not hiding or lying about anything. Of course, if there’s Integrity rewarded to pure Gaians, there’s also the opposite onto cheaters and abusers.”
“Ah…” the three nodded. “So then, if his Integrity is missing, then it could be a Ring Heart…” Alice looked around, spotting a person with a blue wing pin on his head. “I guess that’s his Integrity…” she muttered.
MI4D 3: Ring Hearts Chronicles Chapter 9
Wanda and the Planters Six confronted the GiB about the misunderstanding occurring within the house: Alice had prevented a rescue job done by the GiB. But the Planters' intention in their arrival is to transfer the rescued Ring Hearts to Professor Harmonia's place, where they could be safe from the 'other party' who are after the Ring Hearts: the Plunderers. They agreed upon the plan, and evacuated the Ring Hearts, but then the Plunderers came and the GiB, with Granadia and the house owner Alice, confronted them. The mission was successful, and the Ring Hearts are now on safe hands...

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The rings in the story are based from the rings in the MMO zOMG!
Finding is Easy; Keeping is Tricky

“That was a blast there Falcon!!” Granadia stuttered, looking from afar. “Well, we Ring Hearts somehow are twice powerful in this form- thanks to Dream World and the marvelous explosion of arco iris last year,” Falcon replied while flaring his coat. Alice prodded him with the bow. “Stop flattering! And so that’s why you are chased then.”
“Ow, not exactly mi dama, Los Falcon here has no clue why those mafia guys are chasing us Ring Hearts.” “We’re being chased because they thought of us as distorting Gaia World or sort of other stuff related to G’hi leak or something else…” Winona grunted, pouring tea on cups. “Say, Winona, why you know a lot of things, despite that you’re wearing countryside outfit?” Al questioned, tilting head.
“No, not really. Just a guess, but I knew it all; thanks to Connie Freeces and Prism Team. I, in fact, have a little despise on anything about technology and stuff related to it,” the Ring Heart muttered, looking at her teacup. “So you don’t like technology then?” “You hate Diagnose?” Alice muttered.
“Huh?! Wait- no! The stinger has nothing to do with the decrease of nature and widespread of electronics and artificial structures which slowly chokes Mother Nature. We tend to follow what our owner desires for- restoration. The greens of the world should not be choked by concrete and steel! That’s our dream!” Winona stammered with determination in her eyes as if she’s declaring to the crowd what she feel.
“Uhh, okay, down now Winona. That is a different topic,” Gran giggled, pulling the girl down gently. “Okay, so right now, Falcon had pinpointed the base where the other Ring Hearts are. But hey, why didn’t you go there the first place?” he asked the Hispanic.
“Un Falcon here is chased by the mafia guys, so he got lost on his way, until Granadia came and knock them down--” “Knock them down then you followed him, blah, blah. Then why didn’t you head your way to the place?” Alice muttered, glaring at the Ring Heart. “Falcon doesn’t leave his hero behind without any thanks.”
“Anyway, we can’t send messages to the other Ring Hearts without him, so his arrival is just in time,” Alastair laughed. “Te lo agradezco, Alastair, if I’m correct. It’s destiny which guided me towards you,” Falcon said, but then Alice pulled him down. “Down you little perro! Now I’m getting influenced by your Hispanic accent…”

All of them laughed. “I know that feeling sis. Your Ring Hearts are unexpectedly quickie. Mine looks a little bit scary upon first approach though,” Al laughed. “But hey, about the other Ring Hearts around, when shall we bring them to the base?” Granadia questioned, causing all of them to think again.
“Well, why won’t we start right away? Like, we’re gonna search in teams. Me and Alastair, Granadia and Anna…” Alice discussed. “How about me and the Hispanic creep?” Winona questioned. “I guess you two stay here. Or you can go back there yourselves. But since you aren’t the offensive type of ring, then we can’t let you go southwest by yourselves,” Alice muttered.
“Another thing- I don’t know if we should call out the Planters Six for help, since they might have Ring Hearts which arrived here in our world,” Anna quoted. “Or they DO have. Since my Keen Aye is gone, and Falcon is here, then the missing rings have actually turned into Ring Hearts when they came out of the Dream World,” Alice added.
“True, true…” the other Gaians nodded. “Well what are we waiting for? Let’s move out and find Ring Hearts!” Granadia stood up. “Yeah, but how?” Al mumbled, causing Gran, Alice and the Ring Hearts to topple.
“Don’t be an idiot, Gaian! Of course, go out there and find a stranger which has an accessory similar to the 40 rings you know!” Winona stammered, causing Al to yap. “EH! I KNOW THAT but since Alice and Granadia got involved in a commotion with the GCorp, they could be also aim at us…” This caused them to think again.
“What about we change our avatars? Also our names!” Anna suggested with a snap. “They cannot recognize us when we change clothes right? And they will be confused of which person to go after first.” “Sounds like a plan! Will do!” Alice said, hurrying to the closet. She later came out with some stored clothing. “Also, we have to make the Ring Hearts wear different clothing, much preferably hooded ones. (Man, now I’m getting drained out of money with keeping Ring Hearts in my house…)”
“Quite resourceful, mi owner. Muy bien!” Falcon laughed, but was muffled when Alice threw a black hoodie onto his face. “Muy bien your ass! Let’s get to work now!” she stammered.

After dressing up, Alice, Al, Granadia and Falcon came out of the house. “Anna, Winona, keep the house safe while we’re at search. Also, if Wanda called, tell her to come over here and we’ll talk again,” Alice said. “Alright. Be safe out there!” Anna bid goodbye to the four, which left using a bus. “I’m not sure if Falcon will be safe traveling out there…” Winona mumbled.
“As long as he’s with his owner, he’ll be fine, I guess…” Anna replied with a soft chuckle. “Now what’s next to do?”
“Umm, did Alice say something about this Wanda girl calling us?” Winona said, looking back at in the room, where the phone was ringing. Anna hurriedly picked up the phone and answered it. “Hello!” “Anna! Is that you? Wanda and co here! WE’VE GOTTA TELL YOU SOMETHING!!” the person on the line, Wanda stammered.
“Ah! Well, guys, Alice and the others are outside, so I’m left here. She said if you call, you should go here and talk about something. Can you?” Anna replied. “Will do, but you should have pretty wide space there, because we got company here which was chased by the authority last time,” Wanda replied, causing Anna to stammer.
Winona was clueless about what’s happening, so she asked Anna. “What’s going on there?” “Well, Wanda’s team… could have saved some more Ring Hearts!”

“GAH!!” Granadia stammered, followed by Al and another person’s panting. It looks as if they ran off something. “Man, this thing’s getting really scary. Anyway, are you alright?” Al questioned the person, which seemed to look like a little girl with long, pink, goo-like hair. “I’m okay… I’m sorry if I run slow… But those guys won’t catch us because they ran slower than us.”
“So we got ourselves a Gumshoe Lolita here,” Granadia talked, patting his clothes. “Seriously, why would those black men chase you?” Al questioned. “It’s obvious, Alastair. They are persons who possess the power of the rings they represent. Of course, there could be a maniac out there who witnessed the explosion thingy and wanted to chase after them. Or in the other hand, it could be the authority who wants to study them, as what we might know already. You know- they chased me, Kurou and Starburst long ago because we have unusual ability that could cause distortion in the Game World. They really have to, in order to ensure no one will disrupt the balance in the Game World. Such balance can be disrupted by hackers, botters and others, but it’s somehow strange how they didn’t manage to take down Drazero, with all the ‘hacking’ he made…”
“Drazero?” the Gumshoe girl hummed, thinking. “I think I have heard of that name from the bad guy named Eirawen…” she said further, causing Gran and Al to look at her. “Huh? Are you sure? And how does this Eirawen link to him?” Gumshoe just tried to concentrate in a childish manner- scratching and knocking her hair with her small fists, but then gave up. “I forgot who that guy is… Anyway, I was looking for the other Ring Hearts I was with. Have you found Hono? She’s a Hunters Bow.”
“Hono?! GAH!” Granadia yapped in shock, hearing the name. “Where’s Hono?! I’m her owner!!” he stuttered in an audible tone, shaking the girl. “Yikes, don’t be hysterical! We have to find her! And wow, you’re her owner?”
“Momou?” A girl’s voice called from the back, causing Granadia and Alastair to turn, seeing two more persons with symbolic accessories on. “WHA! HONO!!” “More Ring Hearts…” they stuttered.

“Falcon, what you think? How many are we gonna save?” Alice muttered, running atop the walls with her Ring Heart. “My eyes are keen, but my mind is not. But I must say, there are approximately fifty plus Ring Hearts which came out of the portal; of course, yours truly is one of them.”
“Okay, stop flattering. Focus on your direction!” Alice grunted, continuously running while vigilantly looking around. She later spotted some guys in black suits chasing three persons. “More Ring Hearts, I guess…” “No doubt Alice. They are Ring Hearts needing assistance! Vamonos!” Falcon jumped off. “Hey! I should go first!” Alice followed suit.

They keep on searching and rescuing Ring Hearts, as well as fending off those who are chasing them, until dusk. The rescuers and the Ring Hearts went back to their house in Barton. From there, everything started to become more complicated…
“… seven, eight, nine… ten. Ten Ring Hearts in total. So now we got twelve people to be added into the house,” Alice muttered, looking at the Ring Hearts in the room. “None of our Ring Hearts are included, except Gran has found his Hunter’s Bow this recent,” Alastair muttered. “Possibly, our Ring Hearts are in the place where Starburst was.”
Suddenly, they all heard a loud grumble. Everyone looked at each other in confusion, until Momou moaned, rubbing her stomach. “Umm… sorry to break your talk, but do you have something to eat for supper?”
Alice looked at the clock, before she face-palmed. “Great… here goes the saying, ‘Finding is easy, and keeping is where things get tricky…’ Oh well, I’ll cook for you all.” “Don’t worry, Alice! I already prepared for this. I stocked up the pantry so we can feed the Ring Hearts we rescued.” Annabelle came out with some ingredients to cook. “I don’t know if you guys could eat food from here.”
“We can eat food. Dream World and Real Game World are connected, and so the food is the same. Only it doubles in Dream World, depending on what people dream…” a Turtle Ring Heart said. “We eat what people eat as well, varying with the Ring Heart. Seymour here is anthropomorphic, or chimeras for short,” a Bump Ring followed.
“Well I guess that solves problem number 1…” Alice muttered, cooking with Anna. After a few minutes, dinner is served. “Alright, let’s eat guys!” Granadia yapped. “Let’s eat!” they all replied and eat the curry dinner. But then…

*DING DONG!!* “Huh? Someone’s outside, I think,” Alastair muttered, standing up. “I’ll answer it for you guys.” He approached the door and peered in the hole. “Hmm… oh shoot…” he uttered in a surprised tone. “Ring Hearts, hide! I see men in black outside…” he hissed, causing the place to silently scramble. Alice, Anna and Granadia took the ten Ring Hearts to places which they can’t be seen.
The doorbell rang again, and the people outside are knocking the door. “Okay, everything ready?” Al looked back and the rest nodded. Alastair then opened the door slowly, revealing several people in GiB Agent suits. The Gaian was anxious as two GiB look at him, before one of them talked. “Is this Adamant Flamegirl Alice’s house?”
Alastair was too stiff to talk or move, hence the two GiB agents budged in, pushing him away. These GiB then looked around and happen to notice Alice coming out from the kitchen. “Adamant Flamegirl Alice, will you come with us? We want to ask you some questions for assaulting the GiB agents and abducting a humanoid Wish Ring.”
“Tch…” Alice grunted, leering at the two which approached her. “Where did you hide the humanoid ring?” “You just have to answer our questions; otherwise, we may have no choice,” the two GiB said further, showing some handcuffs and dowsing machines. “We will not say anything!!” Alice stammered adamantly.
A GiB suddenly strapped her. “So be it. Gentlemen, search around the places for those people, immediately! We have to bring them to Professor Harmonia as soon as possible!!” he shouted, calling the other agents as they budged in.
“CRAP!” Granadia readied in combat, and tried to fend off the agents with Alastair. Annabelle was not moving on her seat. “They said something about Professor Harmonia…” she thought, before an agent grabbed her arms. “Do you have any ideas where the humanoid rings are?”
“We got them!!” one shouted, pulling out Momou, which was wailing. “AAH! HELP ME!!” The rest of the Ring Hearts were dragged out as well. “There’s a lot of them here!” “What shall we do now with these people?”

“You better stop that or I will accuse you both for harassing!” A shout was heard from the door, causing the people inside to look at the door. A familiar girl was standing in front of the door, showing a badge. “They didn’t mean to hurt the other co-agents. They’re just doing the right thing!”
MI4D 3: Ring Hearts Chronicles Chapter 8
They started the mission in rescuing Ring Hearts and even fought against several men in black suits. After the whole afternoon, they summed up to twelve Ring Hearts, which they are having problem with keeping. What came worse is the GiB came in and arrested Alice while capturing their rescued friends, and then Wanda and the Planters Six arrived!

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The rings in the story are based from the rings in the MMO zOMG!
The Rescue

The quartet hurried to their residence in Barton Town. Before closing the door, Alice ensured that no one is following them, nor traces and trackers are attached on their clothes. “Alright… Now we have to wait for Granadia,” Alice said, closing the door of her house.
“So, back to the topic…” She looked at the girl, which was still wearing the cloth piece. “Hey you, why not remove that cloth now? You’re safe here, at least…” The girl leered and snorted at her, before slowly taking off the cloth, revealing her silky white hair and a familiar green cross pin. It even has a stalk of grass included.
“That hairclip… It looks like…” Anna stuttered. “It reminds me of the Wish ring logo…” Al followed. “If you were having weird G’hi, and you remind us of Wish rings, it might be possible that you are one of those guys which appeared in my dreams.”
“Huh? Guys in your dreams?” Alice stuttered. “Hmm, come to think of it… I haven’t shared you guys about this because I tend to forget such dreams. Have you ever ‘talked to your rings’ before in your dreams?” The boy nodded slowly. “I still remember it, though I’m not sharing it because it might be funny… But in my dreams, I met the spirit of my Guns ring! I named him Buster, in fact.”
“I remember a lot of my dreams, you know!” Annabelle said. “I know the persons appearing in my dreams. They talked to me like they’re real. I named them because they call themselves the rings I know… such as Ginger, my Bandage ring…”
“Ginger? Wait, you must be her owner then!” the girl talked, pointing at Anna. “Alright… I guess you guys have Ring Heart friends. I can trust you now. My name is Winona, a Wish Ring Heart.”

“Ring Heart?” the three questioned, tilting heads. “It’s a long explanation… But we called ourselves as Ring Hearts, or the spirits of selected rings which were caught from a strong pulse of energy happened a year ago. We were materialized as humanoids, fairies or chimeras in the Dream World, which became our home, until Eirawen came and invade it.” And Winona silenced.
“Oh… Who is this Eirawen? Is he the cause why you are here in our world?” Alastair asked the girl, which nodded. “He is an evil Ring Heart. He despises you Gaians. His freezing wrath has been terrorizing the Ring Society, which is our home. Currently, we are separated from our brethren, for they were still in the Dream World, trying to ensure the safety of the Ring Hearts they rescued.”
“Oh… Well, Winona, if you have an owner, then who is it?” Anna questioned, before a knock broke the silence, followed by a yammer. “Hae gais! Am hea nao!” “Oh, that could be Granadia!” Alice stuttered, approaching the door and opening it. “Saree I’m layt. A was chasaeng sam black shat gais last taym. Bat tha mestareas parsan I saved ran aff.”
“Granadia!” Winona stood up, looking at the deity who looked back at her, and jaw-dropped. “Wha… We-Wenana…? Es that yaa?” “It’s me Gran! Your Wish Ring!!” Winona jumped to the deity and hugged him like she missed him so much. “Ack! Winana, staph! Calm daan akae!” He puts the girl down and fixed his jaw. “Where’s Sarge and Hono?”
“I lost contact to them,” Winona replied. “By the way, they rescued me from those men in black suits. But I hope the Ring Heart you rescued is safe…” “Ah, that’s great! Thanks for saving her guys!” Gran said. “I was about to go southwest after receiving a butterfly from Ginger Monarch, until those guys appeared and chased me. But then this girl here rescued me. By the way, what’s your name?”
“Name’s Alice. This is Alastair and the other one is Annabelle,” Alice introduced. “Oh, and speaking of butterflies from Ginger…” Annabelle took out the letter she got from Ginger, before opening it and reading the contents. “Alright, I’ll read it for you… Ears close to me…”

“To my owner Annabelle… It’s me, Ginger, your Bandage Ring Heart. We are safe here at the moment in our temporary Prism Team HQ. We also have Starburst in uhh, care. We found her lurking in the forest last night, at the far southwest of Village Greens. But for now, she can’t contact you guys because her PDA got damaged. So I used my Bandiflies to convey my message…”

“Well, how did this Starburst’s PDA got damaged? Clumsy, really…” Winona muttered, but Granadia shushed her. “Let’s just listen…”

Annabelle continued reading the message. “About our team, we are called as Prism Team, lead by Connie Freeces. Prism Team is a group of Ring Hearts by the way, but if possible, we want to keep our identities as a secret. By the way, we have a request for you, as our team leader asked; we need your assistance to rescue the other Ring Hearts you meet on your way. There are some more Ring Hearts scattered around your world, and we don’t know how they are right now. Please help us save the other Ring Hearts before the authority or any more evil people could capture them… We will tell you the time when to come here. – Ginger Monarch.” And Annabelle folded the letter back.
“Far southwest of Village Greens… That part, as far as I remember, is an unexplored temperate forest full of pines and other plants. Animated also lurked on the area, pretty much, passive fluffs…” Gran stated. “Come to think of it though, I saw that explosion happened southwest from our place.”
“We didn’t see it though, but we felt the distortion from the same direction,” Alice muttered. “And the fact you were thinking that with your owner gone, you can’t feel G’hi,” Alastair snickered, causing the former to prod him.
“At least now, we knew Starburst is safe… Right now, we have one Ring Heart here which is rescued,” Alastair looked at Winona. “But then, there are more Ring Hearts out there. And if we try to save them, those ‘people’ might spot us and pursue us. They are also after the Ring Hearts, but the reason is still unknown…”
“I know why…” Winona talked. “They wanted to study us and how we affect the distortion happening in Gaia at the moment. The ones who captured me are the Gaians in Black authority…” She looked at the window, seeing small frost crystals growing on the panes. “Strange… it’s still October right?” Alice stuttered, touching the ice, which is really cold. “I noticed this before. The temperature started to slowly chill down, about a centigrade per two days. It started last three weeks ago!” Granadia talked.
“So… is the holiday breeze coming early?” Alice questioned, but Granadia shook head. “Not exactly. Frosty nights arrive at November. But at this case… something else could have caused the temperature drop,” Gran replied, scratching his head. “I wonder if we should find Lloyd and ask about the temperature drop.”
They heard a knock on the door, causing Alice and Al to stand up and hurriedly grabbed Winona to be hidden in the bathroom. “Here, hide!” Alice whispered, pushing the girl in. “Wait, wait! Don’t hide me- I know the person at the door!” Winona struggled off. She run towards the door and opened it. “WINONA!!”

The door opened, revealing a character wearing an old manteau, purple hair, Egyptian-designed eye patch, and an eerie stitch running from between the face to the right. Granadia and Alice suddenly jaw-dropped, seeing the stranger. “THAT’S DA GAI A SAEVD LAST TAEM!!” Granadia yammered, pointing his hands and his scarf-hand to the guy in shock.
“T-THAT’S FALCON CLAIR!!” Alice followed, pointing her hands to the guy too. The man looked at Alice and said. “Ahoy! Look who’s here! It’s my owner Alice!” he said in a Latin-American accent, marching in. Winona closed the door quickly, looking at the man carefully.
“Huh? Is he your Ring Heart Alice?” Al stuttered, wide-eyed. “He looks a bit frightening…” Annabelle huddled to the former. Alice glared at the man, causing him to freeze. “Eh, what’s with the keen coldness to me?” Falcon jittered. His owner just snorted and looked away.
“Hmm, judging from your looks, and those teal eyes you have… you must be a Keen Aye ring,” Winona said, inspecting the guy. “I sure do, fellow Ring Heart.” “Then, you must be Alice’s Keen Aye ring!” Alastair followed. “Wao, nevar axpacted ya ta cam aver hea. Haw ja knaw awr place hea?” Granadia asked.
“Well, I do apologize for running away, los amigos, but when I ran off those Gaians in Black when they got pounced by la deidad, I tracked him and his path, and hence, I reached this place safe and with no one following me…” Falcon said. “Which is good,” Alice grunted.
“So that means now, we have two rescued Ring Hearts!” Annabelle said, standing up. “You are right, la jovencita. But alas, we are too many, and we are all scattered around your wide world. However, seeking us Ring Hearts is just le facil- we bear our ring symbols on our bodies. Le dama Wish ring here is known for the lovely hair brooch pinned on her graceful silky hair,” Falcon talked in a flattering manner, making Winona blush and Alice fume.
“And mi simbolo is my eyepatch, bearing the Eye of Horus, symbolizing great power, to the sight of the wearer, and as well as her- OOF!!” “Shut your lisonjas estúpido!” Alice punched the Ring Heart down. The others were cackling nervously. “I don’t know how you got Hispanic Ring Hearts… if any,” Al laughed.
“Bah, forget it. Let’s just continue searching anyway,” Alice grumbled, pulling her Ring Heart up. “Where’s Phanta and Salsa by the way? I thought you were with them.” “I’m sorry, but mi amigos got separated away when the explosion happened, and I was alone when I woke up. I roamed around, searching for Ring Hearts, but all I see is random people crying over missing rings…”

“About one-third of the Ring Hearts made it outside Dream World though,” Winona muttered. “We were among the ones who got out.” She turned to Granadia. “And Gran, I don’t exactly know what happened to Sarge and Hono. We got to find them before those men in black suits get them.”
“I know, just… where and how?” Granadia mumbled. Alice stood up and talked. “Anyway, we can’t save more Ring Hearts if we just stay here and do nothing. Also, we have to be vigilant. Granadia and I already got a brawl against the GCorp. I doubt they will be after our heads from now on…” “Right…” Gran stood up.
“But if we saved a lot of Ring Hearts, how shall we keep them till Ginger sends a message to us?” Annabelle questioned, causing the gang to think. “Hmm……” All of them hummed in unison. “I guess we should try to just find the other Ring Hearts around. We’ll have to wait for more information… or…” Anna looked at Pudding, which just perched on Winona’s shoulder.
“Hmm, nope. I guess that won’t work either…” she muttered, shaking her head. Falcon suddenly snapped fingers. “I have a better idea…”

“Hmm, I wonder if she received the message…” Ginger muttered, looking at the window of the abandoned mansion. “I could only send message using my bandiflies, but unable to get their replies back using the same thing.” “Oh, so that means, we’re gonna hope for either no response, or bad response…” Starburst muttered, eating lunch prepared by the Chef Ring Hearts.
“Ya want some more? We got a lot more cookin!” The fox-like Ring Heart stuttered, wagging his orange tail eagerly. “Oh sure, I haven’t eaten yesterday due to that ruckus. By the way, do you have a name?” Starburst said.
“Name? Oh I had one already. Master Kurou named me Teriyaki, because it’s a meat flavoring sauce,” the man-fox, Teriyaki replied. “He’s with us in the Dream World though. I just hope Eirawen won’t beat him down, because he’s weak to ice…”
“Ah… you’re his Meat ring then…” Starburst nodded. “Yap. Well, gotta go back to the kitchen and cook!” he said, scurrying out of the dining room. Starburst then looked at her plate before wondering. “Hmm, I wonder of they will try going here on this place… Maybe one of them could go here and check the place out. Or if they send a courier too, but who will be the courier then?”
Ginger screamed all of a sudden, causing Starburst to turn to her. She fell down her buttocks in fright, pointing at an arrow stuck on the wooden windowpane, on it was a scroll. “S-Starburst!” “What’s that?!” She rushed to the arrow and took it, removing the scroll. “A letter…”

“To Starburst and the Ring Hearts there… We accept your mission on saving Ring Hearts. Currently, we have two on hand. It all thanks to my Keen Aye Ring Heart on buffing me to be able to spot your location. I hope you are reading this now and not those black mafia guys. Just one thing to ask: shall we go there if we saved many more Ring Hearts? Need answer immediately. From Alice and Co… and Ring Hearts…”
“Great! Now we have to tell Connie about this!” she stammered, scurrying out of the room. “Eh, Starburst, your lunch!!” Ginger yapped, watching the door swing back and forth. Dylan then arrived and stopped the door from swinging, looking around. He appears to bring a chocolate cookie jar. “Umm… have you seen Starburst?”
“Uhh, she went to Miss Connie.” Ginger turned back at the lunch. “… Well at least I know that my message was received by the right person…” she giggled.
MI4D 3: Ring Hearts Chronicles Chapter 7
The crew received Ginger Monarch's message via the bandiflies, and they decided to respond to the team's distress. But before they could rescue, another Ring Heart came in their place to pay his debt onto his savior, which is Granadia. He reveals himself as Falcon Clair, Alice's Keen Aye ring, and joins the crew, hence adding the count of the rescued Ring Hearts to two, which includes the formerly rescued Winona, Granadia's missing Wish. The coming of Falcon is worth a while for the crew to send a reply to the other side.

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The rings in the story are based from the rings in the MMO zOMG!
A Call for Distress

“I-I am… I am the cause of all of this, happening?” Starburst muttered, patting her chest. Connie nodded. “We discovered about Eirawen’s identity by Akira Shinji’s help. She reveals that you created him, along with a mysterious man’s help. However, he claims to belong to no one, despite the fact it was you who created him. That is the reason why Akira, your Hack Ring, despises you. You caused us to escape our home, and now we are in fear of exposure to public. But we cannot hate you, because you created us.”
The Gaian was stunned and couldn’t speak. “Tell me. Why is Eirawen that evil?” Connie questioned. “The Freezing Strike ring… was stolen away from me, the day after I created it. I doubt the guy who helped me is the same guy who stole it from me… I’m very sorry…” she mumbled, bowing her head down in regret. “How can I help you guys to pay my debt?”
“We were out of force to defeat Eirawen. If possible, we could go outside and find our owners, but with the various threats around, we prefer you to become our carrier pigeon, for you have friends you trust, which at the same time, the ‘owners’ of some Ring Hearts in this base. We need you, Starburst Colors. We must build stronger forces and obliterate Eirawen at all costs.”
“… Alright. I will help… I wanted to correct my mistakes.” Starburst said. She noticed a girl leaning on the door, leering angrily back at her. “Akira…” “Now you know…” the girl replied in a stammer. “That’s not the only thing you should know……” She left afterwards.
Starburst just silenced and hugged her knees. “She really hates me… That dream I had before…” She felt a warm pat on her shoulder, hence, she looked. “It’s alright… You didn’t mean to. Just give her some time to accept things. I believe, at least once, you had dreamt of us. If you could talk to her, and share what you feel, then, you could make friends with her again,” the person who touched her said.
“Dylan…” Starburst muttered, before touching the guy’s hand. “Were you scared last time? I’m sorry if I scared you…” Dylan shook his head. “You saved me, in fact. Those guys were chasing me everytime they see me. It seems as if I’m their target, even though there are more Ring Hearts around.”

“Ah, now I remembered. Starburst, as a part of your mission here, can you help us rescue the other Ring Hearts scattered around Gaia?” Connie talked, while looking at her computer. “I believe there are like twenty more Ring Hearts which are still roaming around. We must rescue them, before the authorities could even get them. I doubt they could cause harm onto our brethren.”
“Hmm… alright then. I will help you.” She looked around her pockets and bag, picking up a phone. “I must contact the… huh?” When she pressed the button, the PDA was shut off. “What the… why is this PDA not working?”
“Huh? I thought Duncan removed any items from her before we set her up for the test?” Connie took the phone and scanned it. “Bah… it sure is broken.” “I noticed though, Starburst has a bad burn on her right hip after that experiment,” Dylan muttered. “Possibly, the PDA could have sparked when she got electrified.”
“Ah, no wonder why you’re wailing in pain, although I set the power to the bearable level.” Connie laughed, face-palming. “We did a pre-test of the experiment with Diagnose, and we used the same voltage needed. It puzzles me why it looks painful when you tried it. Oh well, Diagnose had healed you already so worry no more with accident beauty marks.”
“By the way, Connie, I named him Dylan. I also named Divinity Damos, so that we won’t get confusions of who’s who. Who knows if we get to rescue another Divinity?” Starburst muttered, before looking at the bed she was on. “Oh, I didn’t realize I was still on here. Where are my clothes by the way?”

The Gaian and the Ring Hearts in the room went outside to explore the place. “This mansion is actually abandoned for many years ago. It turns out, however, that the owners of this place have left due to the troubles happening around,” Connie introduced. “After we discovered that this place has no contamination, we settled here and made this our temporary home… We only hope that no one could spot us here…”
“Don’t worry. I myself am free from any tracking device. If I get to have another device on me, I could have another burn on somewhere,” Starburst replied. “Hopefully, you don’t have any, besides we, uhh, destroyed your PDA.” Connie looked into the garage where Buster and his fellow Ring Hearts are fixing things. “Umm, can you guys fix our guest’s PDA? She needs it to contact your owners.”
“Mmh? You mean boss Al?” the matured man, Buster, answered. The other guy, Ancor, took the phone and gave it to Buster. “Ohh… bad damage. Still fixable… You can go back after about 2 days… I guess…”

“So I have to stay in this place for several days with no contact to my friends at all?” Starburst stuttered. “Well, yes, you have to, until your PDA is done. Anyway, you don’t have to worry about food and water here, because Fanta gathered them last time…” Ginger said.
“So mainly, you were already settling here after the explosion? But Gran told me you were all scattered. How come you managed to regroup here without getting spotted by those guys in black?” the girl questioned. “We Ring Hearts are different from you. We can spot each other by looking at the auras. So any other Ring Heart comes here safely,” Dylan spoke.
“Uh, ok… so…” Starburst muttered, looking around. “When shall we start the rescue?” “Umm, actually, we should plan about our movements to do the rescue,” Connie said, before facing a door which she opened. “Here, we could start our meeting. Have a seat everyone…”
When Dylan, Ginger and Starburst took their seats, Connie caressed her hair first and groomed herself. “A little moment- I forgot to go to the dressing room!” “Uhh, Ginger, did she always do that in front of people?” Starburst whispered to Ginger, which is apparently near her. “Well, yes…” the Ring Heart replied with a soft chuckle.
“Alright… here we go. About our rescuing, we can’t possibly start yet,” Connie started talking. “Well why so?” “As you may know, we Ring Hearts, unlike normal Gaians like you, have unusual G’hi within us. We are materializations of selected rings which were in contact with the pulse you created. Hence, such force we have can be detected, and people might find us as unusual persons who appeared out of nowhere here in the Game World.”
“It reminds me- Dylan has been chased by those guys in black back then. So one of your concerns is the authority, such as GCorp or any other organizations studying G’hi or maintaining balance in Game World,” Starburst stated, and Connie nodded in response. “They are targeting us because we are not from here. Still they are our most concerns, since the army of Eirawen is still trapped in the Dream World, which is good for an amount of time.”
“So how are we gonna destroy Eirawen?” Starburst questioned. Connie thought for a moment. “I still don’t know…”

A shout from the vintage intercom called Connie’s attention. “Alright, what Rings are they?” “A Shuriken and a Dervish! Girls… and no traces of black-suit guys and Eirawen on them…”
“Great. Let them in. Ensure that no foreign presences are around.” And Connie beeped the intercom. “Okay, back to talk…”
“So Ring Hearts really tend to gather here…” the girl asked. “As Dylan had explained to you, we Ring Hearts share the same power wavelength, hence we can find ourselves. Somehow, we are also worried that the threats might find us here, because when we are together, our G’hi glows like a flock of fireflies in the dark. The other fireflies will come to the flock and stay, but then the predators will come too and eat them… ”
“If that’s the case, then rescues aren’t needed, but with the ‘predators’ you said, then either one of us must go out there to gather the other Ring Hearts who are miles away from here. But how?” Starburst questioned. “That’s the reason why you are here, because we need you and your friends to execute the mission. But with your PDA down, it may take time, still… ” And Connie silenced.
“Well, how can I tell them right now? I doubt GCorp will be after my head after I did that,” she muttered while looking down. “I got chased before… but since my powers became normal, they stopped. But now, with these guys telling me they existed because of that explosion I made? I might be chased again… Not only me in fact…” She looked at Ginger. “Hey, is it possible you guys can contact your masters?”
“No, because we are not in the Dream World…” Ginger muttered. She appears to play with a ginger-colored butterfly with bandage-designed wings. “But I can send distress messages using my bandiflies. It’s not that easy for a Ring Heart to track our place, unless some of us take action by sending messages. But at this case, I doubt I could contact my owner, because the message might be caught by a bug-catcher or so.”
“Well, what’s the safe time to release those?” Starburst questioned. “I’m not sure, but usually I summon them at noontime so that they won’t be easily seen. I also wanna try nighttime, but then they glow, that they could be spotted easily.”
“Well, why not try sending a message to Annabelle right now? At least, tell her I’m here and you need help,” the Gaian smiled. “Okay then…” Ginger then wrote something on paper, before giving it to her bandifly, and releasing it to the window. “Heal Annabelle for me…”
Starburst looked at the butterfly and somehow snapped her finger for an idea. “I got it! We can use couriers to send messages to the gang, and tell them about the situation!” “You seemed right, Starburst. However, such method can be really risky. But alright, I guess we should start right away…” Connie said, before standing up. “Dismissed for today. You may go back to your workplaces.” “Yes, Leader!”

“Hmm, it’s been a while…” Outside, Annabelle mumbled, checking her PDA. “Starburst lost connection yesterday. We have no clue where she was now…” “Hmm, aren’t we supposed to look around for strange people like the one pictured in Wanda’s laptop?” Alice muttered, looking around the public.
“Well Alice, why not try to use your ability in distinguishing auras?” Alastair said. “Who knows if we can detect people with weird G’hi?” “As if I still have my owner’s powers? Well shucks, it’s been a year already when our owners released us and left in charge of our duties here. So we’re just normal avis like the rest of the Gaians here…” Alice grumbled, leering at every passer-by. However, her eyes caught some men in black suits, talking to each other.
“Hmm, Gaians in Black eh…” Alastair said, until he noticed two of them were holding a woman with white hair and in a countryside dress. Alice’s eyes suddenly shriveled, gazing at the woman. “I was wrong- I can see weird G’hi from that girl!”
Annabelle and Alastair were startled after she said this. “It seems we have found one of our targets… But those GiB…” “I have a bad feeling about this. We must rescue her at all costs!” Alastair shuddered in panic, but Alice muffled him. “Stay here, you two. I’ll try to rescue that girl.”
Alice sneaked her way to the men in black while hiding herself within the crowd. The two Gaians kept their eyes on the men and the girl. “I hope she won’t fail. If that happens, she could be arrested or worse.” “Don’t worry. Just like her owner, sis is skilled in sneaking,” he said, before the authorities moved in the alleyways, pulling the struggling girl.
“Oh no! What should we do?” Anna stuttered, pulling Al’s scarf. The guy was still not moving on his spot until he heard a yap from the alley, and started to chuckle. “Well, there goes my sis…” Annabelle looked at the alley, but then she felt something crept on her hand. “Hmm… Huh? A…”

“What the! HEY!!” One of the men shouted, seeing his passed-out fellow, but then he also fell out cold. The third one, which is holding the girl, stuttered while turning around, “Who are you? Show yourself out!” “I don’t need to show you…” From above, Alice used a rope to swing down to the man, before knocking him out dazed with her Bump.
“Easy to take down… Now,” Alice looked at the girl which was still tied. “Huh? Oh, you saved me…” she stuttered, trying to stand up. Alice released her. “Naah, just a little warm-up. Anyway…” Alice grabbed a piece of cloth from a nearby hanger, before wrapping the girl up. “You have to come with us!”
The girl was startled and let her hand go. “What? Who are you to talk to me like that?!” “Is that the way you thank your savior?” Alice muttered lowly, stunning the girl. “You have to come with us. Don’t worry- we and those men are not close friends at all. Let’s leave before they get you again.”

The two speeded out from the alleyway to the plaza where Alastair and Annabelle are waiting. “Guys, I’m back and saved the girl.” “Oh Alice!” Alastair stuttered. “I hope you aren’t hurt…” he said, healing his sister with Diagnose. “Sheesh, Al, you don’t have to burn stamina to heal me.”
“Huh? A ringmaster…” The girl with white hair uttered in mind, before talking. “Are you guys having missing rings at the moment?” The twins turned to her and nodded. “Not only us, in fact. There are more out here having the same problem.”
“We were actually investigating something unusual here and it seems we were slowly moving our way to the uhh…” Alastair looked at Annabelle, which was reading an envelope. On her hand is a little beige butterfly, resting.
“Anna, what’s that?” Al questioned the lass. The girl looked at them with wide eyes. “Guys… I think we should head back home and talk about this. I think… Ginger just sent me a message!”
“Ginger? Who’s Ginger?” they stuttered in surprise.
MI4D 3: Ring Hearts Chronicles Chapter 6
Connie revealed the reason to Starburst, about why they are in the Real Game World, and also the connection of Eirawen to the Gaian. In a sorry state, Starburst openly accepted their mission to help defeat the threat, rescue Ring Hearts and requested to add her friends in for more force. Connie accepted the offer, but they are unable to contact Alice and the others due to the Gaian's PDA got damaged during the examination, hence they have to wait until Buster (GGGuns) and Ancor (My Density) fixes it back. In the meantime, Ginger tried to send her owner Anna, a message using her ability, which successfully reached the team that just rescued a Wish Ring.

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The rings in the story are based from the rings in the MMO zOMG!

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